Thursday, November 11, 2010

NC vs Dronelanders: M3 station captured

"Guys I haven't said to jump back yet, and... I see fucking tractor beams here, what the fuck?"

-NC being pro

Where don't you want to go today?

The M3 station is the second station to be contested during our drone lands campaign and one of only three in the Kalevala Expanse region. One of the other stations is in armor reinforced at the time of writing, and the last is in shield reinforced. M3 came out of its' final reinforcement cycle today and the hostiles showed up to defend. It was a standard subcapital fight, 800 in system, light to moderate lag, with a few carriers on the field from both sides. Lag was manageable and jumping in worked fine even when the lag was at its' worst.

The main fight on the gate

I died about halfway through and reshipped to a guardian. By the time I got back in system the reds had conceded the fight and were just doing bombing runs. Fortunately we had a decent FC and took minimal losses, though I've never seen so many battleships in structure.


EDIT 2010-11-11: Updated and revised.

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