Saturday, November 20, 2010

Updated blog pack statistics

Boilerplate: I don't have particular feelings about the blog pack. This post exists because I was curious.

Earlier this year I went through the blog pack to check what sort of things it actually contained. This produced a few statistics, which I posted. A few days ago I saw a post from 'dense veldspar,' a blog pack member, saying that the blog was shutting down. This made me curious, so I redid the statistics.

The numbers I took this time around are somewhat different. I counted what type of pvp the author posts about rather than where they live, counted how many blogs I thought were exceptional or worthless and took more detailed low activity statistics.

Short version: Average posts per month is steady but the number of inactive blogs has increased by a factor of 5. Bloggers are all carebears or piwates.

Long version:

Type of PVP:
Minimal or no offensive pvp: 25
Lowsec/WH/small gang pvp: 20
0.0: 5

Basically only has banter blogs, reposts and non-eve content: 5
Strong original content: 7

Posting stats:
Most posts in october: 32 (
Average posts in october: 6.5
One to four posts in october: 16
Zero posts in october: 12
Longest time since posting: 4 months (

Link outdated or no longer exist: 3 account expired changed to in march ?account expired

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  1. I'm a posting machine!

    And you are an awesome statistics-scraping robot!