Sunday, November 14, 2010

NC vs Dronelanders: Now with more IT and PL

I don't know why I bother with situation updates, since everybody should be using evenews24 by now.

Last week we took two stations, one with a fight and one without. For the latter Dronelanders (referred to as DRF from now on) elected to defend a CSAA instead of the station, but we killed that as well. Word is a titan was building, and this hasn't been denied.

People reporting PL's demise done and got trolled. They're in venal and have taken a contract against the NC, taking a couple dozen technetium moons and reinforcing 3 CSAA. Tech moons aren't a big deal - there are hundreds of the damn things and retaking them is practically the official coalition pastime - but CSAA take clear precedence over the drone lands campaign and we took the weekend off to save them.

While we were doing this, DFR reinforced all the stations we had taken in drone regions. Then IT dropped SBU in cloud ring.

Assuming IT isn't just dicking around, shit just got real. This is the three front war which was predicted a few months ago and the hostiles include every entity with a meaningful supercapital fleet.

Depending on how much trouble PL and IT make, it could turn into a defensive war pretty easily. I'm optimistic about our chances, but the timing is interesting; I've been in razor for 9 months now, and to date every corporation and alliance I have joined has failed, lost its' space or gone back to empire in under a year. If rzr goes under, I'll have to start joining alliances I don't like.

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  1. Aren't you being a little pessimistic? Most people can make the claim that every alliance they joined except the most recent one lost its space, failed or is back in empire. They'd still be with them if they were still successful in 0.0. NC is a juggernaut that will not fall unless it's initiated internally. PL are tough but they are also mercs, and they aren't the only skilled mercs in the game. I'm sure NC could pay hire PL or another group (or multiple groups) to harass DRF or IT and neuter one of the 'fronts'. Fight fire with fire.