Sunday, November 7, 2010

NC vs Dronelanders: MM titan down in CYB-BZ

EDIT 2010-12-23: Sala has a new rag ^_^

As a general situation update, the war is basically proceeding apace. We continue to take systems, kill structures and get fights. The only real development is that PL have taken a contract against the NC and are now shooting technetium moons in venal.

Today we were out shooting structures when we got word of a blue titan tackled. We started burning to assist and word came down of 7 red titans on the field and ours was already dead.

The titan was owned by sala cameron. Apparently what happened is that he was fixing to gank an enemy carrier at a pos and it turned out to be a trap. Incidentally Sala is my favorite titan pilot, notable for being active, recording the h-w capital fight video and being willing to take risks. I particularly recall the time during h-w that he warped his titan to zero on an enemy capital fleet to get us a warpin.

Sala took this just before dying

Anyhow, we decided to engage the hostiles. Dronelanders brought out their supercapitals and we engaged with a full subcapital fleet, managing to do a number on their support and kill a few carriers. We got tackle on several supercapitals during the course of the fight but weren't able to hold them down as our dictors were picked off. Toward the end we bumped an aeon for about an hour to keep it from warping, but it eventually escaped in half armor.

I eventually died to massive desync, but it was definitely goodfights despite the lag. Somebody in fleet mentioned that these things never seem to happen on reinforced nodes, and my theory is that unplanned fights tend to be more interesting.

Some of the red supers

EDIT: Sala's battle report from this engagement was posted here.

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