Monday, November 8, 2010

Battleships are expensive

In the aftermath of the fight in CYB yesterday it has turned out that I received two lossmails for the same ship, due to desync, and two platinum insurance payouts, totaling 122 million. Back in the day ship replacment usually consisted of a free or cheap hull and the insurance money would cover modules and rigs, give or take a couple million, so in a decent alliance members could replace battleships essentially for free.

After receiving a tempest hull from ship replacement for 20 million I went to fit it out, and discovered that this costs a lot more than it used to. Sixty to eighty million just for the rigs. Seven for 2 1600mm plates. It used to be that the fittings were about half the total price of a fleet battleship, but today a tempest hull costs 72 million while the total price for hull, rigs, modules, drones and insurance comes out to 215 million. Even with double insurance and a cheap hull, replacing the ship put me out about a hundred million.

The medium range tempest fit that we're using is pretty okay, but maybe I'll go back to flying logistics. They're a lot cheaper, even if they are :effort:


  1. Seems like someone is gouging prices big time somewhere. Or my maths is failing me. Can you give a rundown on the costs and the fit?

    A t2 fit with t1 rigs comes to a touch over 100 mil in my calcs plus your insurance and 20mil hull I would guess a bit under 200mil. But would like to see your fit and your prices.

  2. Prices were taken from It's showing trimarks 3m above their current price, other items look accurate. Fit is fairly standard except for the rigs:

    6x 1400 (4.6*6)
    1x 100mn (3.7)
    2x 1600 (3*2)
    2x ancillary current (31*2)
    1x trimark (25)
    15 warrior (0.3*15)
    7 misc T2 mods (0.5*7)
    hull (73)
    insurance (9)

    I actually use meta 4 guns because of skills and switch an ACR for a trimark, which saves a couple million. My hundred million figure isn't adding up for me right now, though it looks like it would be correct if there had been a single insurance payout.