Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NC vs Dronelanders: Battle for R10-GN

As reported previously, while we spent the weekend in tribute saving our CSAA, DRF forces reinforced the three stations we had taken in drone lands. The first station apparently was repped without incident yesterday, and today the R10 and LXQ stations came out of reinforced within a few hours of each other. They were timed for EU time zone instead of US in hopes of getting a fight, and the hostiles didn't disappoint.

EDIT: There's a rumor that one station, M3, is actually in its' second reinforced cycle. I guess we'll see if something interesting happens.

MOAR EDIT: Apparently R10 had been repped, and is in the first reinforced cycle a second time.

Numbers were unclear, being split between multiple fleets, but I would expect that we had a significant numerical advantage. Local peaked at 900, and lag was moderate but people loaded well. The battle consisted of an extended subcapital slugfest on the station which was notable for a beautiful bomber trap at the beginning and killing a few capitals the hostiles had brought in at the end. We held the field, and I anticipate a positive isk ratio when the killboards finish loading. Goodfites, overall.


Killing capitals

Killboard (will take time to sync)

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