Monday, February 21, 2011

DRF vs NC: I spoke too soon, but we killed a titan so that's okay

As mentioned in the edit on my last post, DRF look to have retaken o2o. It seems as though their TCU was never vulnerable (not sure why). After we left the system to shoot the k25 station they jumped in, flipped the station back and repped it. They then moved to k25, where after a short fight their supers drove NC subcaps off field and they killed our onlining TCU and flipped the station to red control. They left system though, and there isn't a TCU of their anchoring, so I anticipate we will likely take the system this evening.

After they jumped out somebody said in super channel that we had a titan tackled. Apparently he had logged off in k25 with aggression. I jumped on comms, got my scout alt in fleet and found somebody to warp to.

Never killed a titan while I had effects on before. It looks pretty good.

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