Monday, February 21, 2011

DRF vs NC: Sorry kalle

16:11:18 Notify The station O2O SOLAR STRONGHOLD has been captured by Incidental Damage corporation!'re still the biggest loser.

Following the capital slaughter in uemon fighting has continued in geminate. In my last post about the region I had stated that all stations had been saved, which turns out to be inaccurate. Enemy forces had fallen back to o2o and camped the system until their TCU could anchor, and they took that station. Further, the TCU which blue forces anchored in station systems K25 and 04 were bugged, and hostiles were able to take both systems without going through a timer. They also anchored TCU in two non station systems for some reason.

With the hostiles' heavy supercapital advantage we have essentually only used subcapitals; as a supercarrier pilot I have been on standby the entire time. I've considered switching out to subcapitals, but if supers get called we're going to need everybody.

Fighting has been mainly in o2o. We've burned a lot of ships there against hostiles supported by supercapitals and triage carriers, accomplishing strategic objectives but generally failing to achieve positive isk ratios. As of this morning all 3 hostile outposts were in armor reinforced, as was one blue outpost nearby.

Anticipating that I would sit out the fight again I got a scout-gu alt in o2o and set up a warpin on the station so I could watch the fight.

('scout-gu' is one of my standard fits, a cloaky/nullified tengu with istabs)

Not a fight

That didn't happen. The hostiles didn't even form up, and we retook the station without incident. I'll mention if anything interesting happens later on, but the failure to form would tend to indicate that they have abandoned the campaign. The last hostile station, 04, comes out of armor reinforced in just under two days so maybe something will happen then.

EDIT: It looks like reds are making a play for o2o. After blues went to k25 to hit the station they moved jumped to o2o and flipped the station back. I'm not familiar enough with soverignty to say for certain how the mechanics will work at this point. Either they have to anchor a TCU, which will take 8 hours and we could realistically try to drive them off, or they just have to rep the station in which case it's already back in their hands.

Currently they have 500 in o2o and blues have 700 in k25. Hostile supers are on o2o station so I'll be watching jabber for possible goodfites.

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