Friday, February 11, 2011

More searches which brought people to this blog

"eve fail fits"

Kugutsumen has a perma-pinned topic where people may post killmails of epic fail. At the time of writing it contains 36 pages of hilarity.

"who write eve fail"

This is TOP SECRET INFORMATION. Actually I'm just not looking for name recognition so I don't use my main character's name and cut it out of screenshots. It would be easy to discover if you put your mind to it, but if you need to contact me without using comments you can also just use the about/contact link at upper right.

"warp Stabbed Supercarrier eve"

Supercarriers and titans are immune to disruptors and scramblers. They are vulnerable only to bubbles and infinite points, neither of which are affected by warp core stabilizers. Don't fit them, or you WILL end up in the failfits topic above.

"reason to fly hel supercarrier"

Because you can't fly anything else. Hel is the worst supercarrier, with the possible exception of the revenant.

Alternatively, because they're awesome looking.

"insurance payout for a wyvern supercarrier"

About a billion isk.

Titans and supercarriers used to receive the same default insurance proportion as other ships, which at least in the case of titans amounted to serious isk. The payout for supercapitals was reduced significantly around may of 2010 and now supercarriers give about a billion, titans even less.

"eve lowest warp distance"

150 km"eve highest dps titan"

This is a very interesting question, requiring a long form answer. Titan fittings are something of a black art, and fitting one for damage is a balancing act. When it comes to the highest DPS there are two contenders, the ragnarok and the leviathan. Because they are shield tanked they may fit damage mods in the lows instead of tank, although they sacrifice cap recharge and some tank (from power diagnostic systems) when using damage mods.

In terms of raw DPS, fitting lev and rag with short-range weapons (2500mm autocannons, citadel torpedo launchers) and a doomsday, and not counting smartbombs, the rag does 15970 DPS and the lev comes out just ahead at 16659. There are critical differences here, however, in terms of how the damage is dealt.

The autocannon ragnarok has a range of only 20+32 km. It does good damage, but this range is far too short for a capital fight, or even a pos bash. The leviathan has a range of 60 km, which may be adequate in many situations. Conversely, while the leviathan has missiles and is essentially completely useless against subcapitals, the ragnarok has guns and is able to hit subcapitals if their angular velocity is low enough. There is a video from the h-w siege in which our favorite titan pilot demonstrates the awesomeness of the ragnarok's (artillery) volley damage against battleships.

A second consideration is cycle time. During high lag situations, which many capital fights are, all weapons have the same cycle time due to extreme lag. In this case volley damage is much more important than raw DPS. Capital autocannons and torpedos have a cycle time of about 8 seconds, while artillery and cruise missiles are closer to 20 and do twice the volley damage. In this case the ragnarok does 10600 DPS and 116k volley, while the leviathan does 11,100 DPS and 118k volley, again coming out slightly ahead (and having a much longer range than CR artillery ammo).

The leviathan wins in both cases and I am forced to concede it to be the highest DPS titan and an awesome damage dealer against capital targets. Watch that video, though, and ask yourself if you'd rather have the highest EFT DPS or be able to volley battleships from a hundred kilometers.

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