Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rebellion alliance disbanded; Fountain roadtrip over

14:12:37 Combat Your Tyrfing hits Serpentis Fleet Outpost, doing 6749.2 damage.

-Combat operations in Fountain

In reverse order

We spent about a week grinding structures in fountain. With the complete lack of organized resistance the region could have been taken by one guy in a bomber, but supercarriers made it faster.

Small numbers

Over the last few weeks the eastern front has been heating up, with several significant DRF incursions into geminate. These were turned back by eastern NC alliances including friendly russians Rebellion and Stella Polaris. In the last week DRF supercapitals have been reported moving to lowsec near geminate and the fountain deployment was cancelled to deal with the russian menace.

One hour before the time of writing the other shoe dropped. What I'm hearing is that an executor-director level spy disbanded Rebellion alliance just before downtime, dropping soverignty in two Geminate constellations including six station systems. Immediately following this large numbers of DRF supercapitals were reported in geminate.

It looks like things just got real. The first response fleets are moving out now, and I'm rushing to get alts and assets into position.

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