Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fountain supercarrier roadtrip

Our glorious leaders have arranged a weekend volunteer roadtrip to fountain to help grind structures. Naturally I lept at the chance, having never invaded the southwest before. With recent news that IT is disbanding, perhaps we'll even get to stay on for delve.

We did a couple of cyno trains trains today. Still being on jump clone cooldown I couldn't get into my HG slave clone so I plugged in some LG slaves, a CC3 and a ZET500 before we left -- 60% as good as top-end implants for a quarter the price. It gives my nyx a 9 instead of an 11 doomsday tank - without fleet bonuses and overheating - but I'm not too worried.

Apparently for some ~strange reason~ people expect supercapital pilots to have jump drive calibration 5 (I'm working on it) and as a result I was left behind. I did my own cynos instead, and on the second-to-last jump came across a small gang of blue bombers hitting an offline medium tower. I offered to help, and there were many bffs and lols.

BFF <3

At present there are 6 stations and 14 Ihubs reinforced in fountain. I anticipate a long grind over the next few days.

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