Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IT pets vs NC: Goodtimes in KQK

Jabber ping with CAPITAL LETTERS went out for supers. I logged in just as PL hotdropped our capital fleet with subcaps.

Jumping to KQK I found myself 100 km off a ball of red ships surrounding a blue ragnarok,which was in high shields. I put fighters on primaries.

Many of our ships were inside a pos, and the FC elected to change the password in order to bump people out and get them into the fight. A lot of people were bounced in the wrong direction, but it saved everyone from having to slowboat and consensus in fleet chat was that this was a good move overall.

The rag's shields were dropping at a fair rate and PL jumped in a few close-range dreads. Carriers were ordered to triage green and put reps on the titan. I eventually managed to warp at 50 to a fleet member on the other side of the rag, which put me in rep range.

The rag's shields stabilized at 25% around this time and started pulling back, and the hostiles disengaged. Was good fight; they went all in and shot nothing but the titan, but if they had gone after some caps or subcaps the killboard wouldn't be nearly so one-sided.

Toward the end of the fight

Killboard -- 25 billion killed for 0.1 lost

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