Friday, February 11, 2011

Fresh off the presses: PL in Delve

Minutes ago PL was spotted moving a massive supercapital fleet to delve. This is of great interest to me as so far nobody has actually attacked delve. My understanding is that even NC leadership aren't aware who, if anybody, is planning to take it. AAA+co have only moved on querious and pure blind, and DC (along with NC superfriends ^^) have not moved beyond fountain.

Do PL plan to take the region, or are they just there for goodfites when somebody else does? Is this a revenge campaign against IT, who are rumored to have stiffed them on the pure blind contract?

The drama!


(1:40:08 PM) the_mittani: two scenarios for pl in delve
(1:40:24 PM) the_mittani: most likely: punishment for molle not paying them according to contract
(1:40:37 PM) the_mittani: he was 50b overdue last time i checked
(1:40:53 PM) the_mittani: scenario two: molle has shelled out even more to have pl defend delve for him. unlikely, but possible
(1:41:50 PM) ***********: three: they are there to hotdrop idiots using undermanned fleets reinforcing delve
(1:42:36 PM) the_mittani: put one and three together and you have a pl in npc delve situation


  1. I think a medium sized entity with maxi balls could probably carve out a constellation or two in Delve given the lack of big dog interest. Come on, empire corps with big dreams!

    Don't worry about that PL thing, surely they wouldn't try to get you.

  2. I thought TEST and Ultra-Violence were going for Delve