Monday, April 9, 2012

Lottery round 7 winner: Dammit Kelleris edition

Round 8 is running. My suspicion is low that people will keep playing after this, but there's only one way to find out.

EDIT: Also, I'm moving the time at which the winner picking script runs forward by 6 hours, to about 1800 GMT/0900 PST.


  1. This must be scam. I'm donating monies since round 3(?) of lottery from 3 characters and I never won anything! Could you please show as the whole list of donations? coz maybe there is some error any donations are simply not there?

  2. He has the list in the last post, dfg.

    I think you are screwing yourself here, Parasoja. Lotteries are not supposed to be a reliable source of income for players ... heh.

  3. There are three people in the current round who also donated in round 3: Kelleris, am-bohun, and hans. The latter two only donate a few thousand isk, so only have a very small chance of winning.

    The script uses the same list of donation entries scraped from the API data to find the jackpot, the winner, and the number of players in the current round, so if a donation entry was missed it would not show up in the jackpot.

    Here is the script's raw list of donations from last round. It's in reverse order and is in the format ['player name','amount donated in isk cents',total isk cents]

    ['Yosef Tantos', '15000000000', 15000000000L]
    ['Boaz Dymos', '100000000', 15100000000L]
    ['Kelleris', '15500000000', 30600000000L]
    ['Hyptron', '1000000000', 31600000000L]
    ['chaz25', '500000000', 32100000000L]
    ['Am-bohun', '3549800', 32103549800L]
    ['William Verrater', '5000000000', 37103549800L]
    ['Berilyn Dorien', '3400000000', 40503549800L]
    ['Beth Ennada', '3300000000', 43803549800L]
    ['Yosef Tantos', '3300000000', 47103549800L]
    ['Hans Le'defe', '1000000', 47104549800L]

    Here's the same data range in my wallet. Neyem is my alt.


    I wouldn't believe it either. The irony is that if I was actually choosing the winners, this never would have happened.