Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When to hold, part 3: Mocking laughter edition

Three days ago I made this post, in which I mentioned that I had sold a moros for 2.96 billion, when two days earlier they had been selling for 2.2

When that hull sold, there were zero left on the market. The next day, there were 5 on the market.

When there are zero of something on the market, the first person to put one up gets to pick whatever number they like. There are two schools of thought about what to do in this situation:  One is to pick an obscene highball figure, just in case somebody goes for it. Something like four billion, in this case. The other is to pick a number that is within the realm of sanity, hoping to sell before more units come on the market at a lower price. Say, 3 billion. Maybe 3.2 or 3.5 if you really want to push it.

The five individuals who put up moros hulls subscribed to a third school, a school of non-thought. They actually lowballed, picking a number which was only 400 million (18%) above mineral price.

While their hulls were still on the market I finished a second moros hull, having held the previous one nearly 10 days before it sold. I put it up for 3 billion.



By way of illustration, here is the market graph from the last 10 days:


Counting two sold to buy orders, seven hulls were sold between my own two sales. The drooling morons who sold those hulls pissed away around four billion isk between them, just because they couldn't be bothered to put any thought into it.

In conclusion, it is your duty as a person who likes money to highball in a seller's market.

...also, in the meantime I've sold two carriers for 1.44 each, a profit of about 90%. Oh, and I suppose the second moros sale ups my largest profit on a hull to 1.3.


  1. Impressive. Can I hav yur stuvs?

    I have 4 characters who can do all the needed stuff. They just need cash, so their manufacture and research slots are idling. So sad.

    It takes money to make money!

  2. Are you still building off stockpiles, or have you actually had to buy minerals in the current spike?

    1. I've bought two runs (8 ships) of minerals at current prices. At the moment runs 68 through 70, which were bought at old prices, still have hulls building, while 70 and 71, which were bought at current prices, are building components.

      The first hull built at new mineral prices should be finished in 12 days.