Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My plans, all of them (update)

Do you remember this post, where I posted about my plans? Of course not. I barely remember that post. Well, now I'm doing sort of a status update. This post is about every single plan I have for my future in eve online, a bad game -- new plans, status updates for old plans, and dramatic revelations about some which have been abandoned.

In very general terms, my long term goal for eve is to win the game by not logging in. I'm not really there yet, but all of my plans are for things that require very little time or effort to keep going and I look forward to continuing this trend.


Project 1: Capital manufacturing

What: Building capital ships.

Status: In progress and making me silly amounts of money. In the time since the previous post I have torn up my freighter production and switched to all jump-capable ships because they make moar money. Looking forward, I am looking to expand my capacity to 50 manufacturing slots across my two accounts, and to this end I am researching more component blueprints, picking up a few hull blueprints here and there, and training my alts. Currently I have 33 manufacturing slots.

Project 2: Capital component research.

What: Selling researched capital components for more than NPC price.

Status: Last post I said I needed to replace my current set of component blueprints, and that is in progress. I have also started researching a few additional prints beyond that, just because I had spare isk and research slots, so I can say that this project has actually gotten started. Currently I have a total of 44 research slots, 41 of which are being used to research capital ship or capital component blueprints.

The eventual goal is to have 60 slots in research constantly, but ramping up to that is going to take a while. Unless I can liquidate my supercarrier BPO, which probably isn't going to happen for at least a few months.

Project 3: Trade

Last time I mentioned this I said that there were some opportunities, but didn't say what they were because :opsec:. Today I'll tell you what they were because I don't want them any more.

a. Trading capital ships. There are usually fairly wide margins on these, so it would be easy to buy low, sell high. Right now especially, since mineral prices are on the rise.

I have abandoned this idea because I can't be arsed to ~0.01 isk~. Maybe somebody who's into that sort of thing could give it a go.

. Selling unresearched capital components in jita which aren't seeded there.

The Jita 4-4 station is a market hub which also has most, but not all, capital component blueprints seeded by NPC sell orders. As a result, sometimes people buying capital component blueprints will buy blueprints there which are not seeded, but instead are being sold by people who bought them from NPCs in a different region and moved them to jita. Possibly because they're lazy, possibly because they don't know better.

The margins can be substantial, and one of each type of imported blueprint is sold on average every one to two days. The blueprint, a highsec system where it is sold, the npc price (in millions), and the jita price of each of these blueprints is are as follows:

Component | buy system | NPC price | jita price (at time of posting)

Armor plates | bhizheba | 1162 | 1399
Capacitor Battery | bhizheba | 1032 | 1169
Construction Parts | vittenyn | 905 | 997
Drone Bay | vittenyn | 825 | 929
Power Generator | Amo | 1224 | 1307
Propulsion Engine | Amo | 1129 | 1319
Turret Hardpoint | vittenyn | 1316 | 1493

Yes, Virginia, you can in fact make hundreds of millions of isk by moving a blueprint a few jumps through higsec. And all you have to do is be willing to adjust your sell order obsessively.

This, too, I have abandoned because 0.01 isk.

c. I have a new idea, which naturally I won't be sharing. It will not require 0.01 isking, and should have large margins. It will require some multiples of 4.5-ish billion to set up, and I haven't really gotten around to doing proper preparation yet. Soon, though (tm).

Super secret side project:

What: Another capital builder was trying to set up a capital ship price fixing cartel. Unfortunately, we could only get 3 major builders to sign on (about 1/5 of the forge market at the time) and the project was abandoned.

Status: Abandoned.

Project 4: Lottery

What:  As you may be aware, because I've been spamming it constantly, I'm running a miniature lottery service for fun. It's not especially profitable as far as business ventures go, since I don't take money from it, and it forces me to log in once a week to make payouts, but I'm keeping it running until it stops being used.

Status: Still running, against all odds.

Speaking of which, lottery news. Unexpectedly, this round the lottery has received several large bets from characters who haven't played before. This is very encouraging to me, since I was just about ready to abandon it to stagnation, and also means that this round Kelleris will finally have a figurative run for his literal money.

The lottery page is here. You should totally get in on it.

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