Thursday, August 30, 2012

August financial report

A few things to note this month.

First, as pointed out by eve industrialist, I have been using the term "margin" incorrectly. Accordingly I have changed my old 'margin' column to 'profit %' and changed the elegant 'profit/outlay-1' metric to a filthy percentage.  Better than being wrong, I guess.

Second, merging my main manufacturing process and abortive second one has allowed me to sell off a number of component blueprints. Unfortunately, the liquidity from this went straight back into minerals for the new ship blueprints that the process merge added to my production line and I continue to have basically zero liquidity.

Also, with mineral prices possibly dropping I have decided to sell off some naglfars that I have been holding and waiting for prices to rise. Run 69 has finally finished, and 74 will too... if I can find a buyer.  My naglfar blueprint has been in research for 2 ME levels since the last time building them was a good idea. At this rate I'll have it in PE research before they're worth building again.

Oh, and taxes are starting to sting a bit. It might be time to work on that a little.

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