Thursday, August 2, 2012

Capital manufacturing update: Process merge

Last update I mentioned that I was thinking about making one large manufacturing process instead of starting up a second small one. I am going to do that.

Thus, I need to identify what blueprints I want to build on. The goal is to balance ships and components so that (a) my manufacturing slots are filled, and (b) I don't flood the market with hulls of one type.

I picked the following:

Chimera: 2
Thanatos: 2
Nidhoggur: 2
Archon: 3
Phoenix: 0-1
Moros: 2
Naglfar: 1
Revelation: 1
Rorqual: 3

Using my handy component tool, I can see that I need the following components:

In all, this will be 52 blueprints. Since most of the component blueprints will have some downtime I could probably add another ship blueprint or two, but since this will be quite a large expansion in my output I'm going to wait and see how things go first.

Next I need to work out what blueprints I have, so that I know which of the ones I own I need and which I don't. The blueprints which were intended for the second process should more than fill the needs for the expansion of the first, and indeed I found that in some cases where I would have needed two of a blueprint for each process (intending them to each be 30-slot processes), I found that only two blueprints are needed for a single 50-slot process.

Newai, the rest is just a matter of playing with spreadsheets and moving blueprints around.


  1. So how many JF runs you have to make with this amount of caps? :)

    I am myself starting cap process (with only 6 hull BPOs for now), but luckily I have good Caldari Navy standings so use 425mm Railguns for compression.

    1. ...lots.

      I recently moved 8 hulls worth of minerals at the same time. It came to 750 million units, or about 21 jump freighter loads. I get approximately 3 jump freighter runs in 12-ish minutes, so figure 84 minutes to get it moved from high to low.