Sunday, August 19, 2012

Capital blueprint research income, part 1: Overview


1: Overview (you are here)
2: Researching hull blueprints
3: Copying hull blueprints
4: Researching component blueprints
5: Copying component blueprints


Doing research on capital blueprints is a highly passive income method. Although the per month profit on a single blueprint is not huge, running around 6-12% with good blueprint and research activity choices, the barriers to entry are low and the player only needs to interact with the blueprint about once per month. This makes it perfect for someone with a little isk sitting around who wants to turn it into more isk without having to spend time or effort.

There is more than one way to make money researching capital blueprints:

  • Hull blueprints can be researched and sold.
  • Researched hull blueprints can be copied, and the copies sold.
  • Component blueprints can be researched and sold.
  • Researched component blueprints can copied, and the copies sold.

This guide-ish thing will cover each of these four items.

About this guide:

This guide exists because I don't know what the numbers are and want to find out, not because I'm highly experienced with all of these methods and want to share my experience with you. I have accrued some experience with the first three more or less by accident, though, and will be able to tell you if the numbers I find seem right.

Caveat emptor.

  • Note: All price and profit numbers are in millions.
  • Note: Research times assume you are using an NPC station. Wait times for research slots are not factored in calculations.

Supplemental material:

Rather than write new posts about how to research and transport blueprints, I give you links to earlier posts on the same topic.

Researching blueprints.

  • Note: I do not recommend using a tower for this. It would make the activity less passive, and fuel costs could cut into your profits.

Moving expensive blueprints safely, including through lowsec.

Without further ado, part 2: Researching hull blueprints.

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