Sunday, August 19, 2012

Capital blueprint research income, part 3: Copying hull blueprints


1: Overview
2: Researching hull blueprints
3: Copying hull blueprints (you are here)
4: Researching component blueprints
5: Copying component blueprints

What is it:

If you have a researched capital ship hull blueprint, you can copy it and sell the copy.


We use the price of the cheapest reasonably researched blueprint copy available in jita, and the time to copy, to find monthly profit and monthly ROI.

Raw numbers:


Only the orca, at 6% monthly ROI, even reaches the acceptable range; and with the recent mining changes orca BPC are probably for selling substantially more than we can expect them to in the long run. The rest of the numbers look pretty accurate based on my experience.

In practice:

If you wanted to do this, you would take a researched ship blueprint, make copies, and sell them. I disrecommend buying researched blueprints off contracts for this purpose, as it would take much longer to make up the difference than it would to research them yourself.



Next, part 4: Researching component blueprints.

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