Sunday, August 19, 2012

Capital blueprint research income, part 4: Researching component blueprints


1: Overview
2: Researching hull blueprints
3: Copying hull blueprints
4: Researching component blueprints (you are here)
5: Copying component blueprints

What is it:

You can buy a capital ship component blueprint from an NPC seller, research it, and sell it on contracts for more money.


We look for the lowest priced, reasonably researched (minimum 100/10 ME/PE) blueprint on contracts, and use that and research time for 100/20 ME/PE to find monthly profit and monthly ROI.

Raw numbers:


  • Note: Research time is for 100/20 ME/PE because that's what I, as a capital builder, would want to buy.
  • Note: Although far too high to stay where it is, the current sell price for the propulsion engine is for real -- I sold one for 2000 just a few weeks ago.


To someone who actually builds capital ships, there is a pattern here: Components which are only used to build one type of ship (e.g. clone vat bay, siege array) have very low ROI, while ones which are used in most or all ship types tend to have higher returns. I present you with a table of components, where they can be found, how much they cost, and which ships they are used for.

In practice:

Buy blueprints from the NPC systems listed in the table, research them (I do recommend 100/20, but you can probably get away with 100/10), and sell them.  Do NOT buy components in jita which are listed in a different system. Those aren't NPC sell orders.


Pretty solid numbers here. As someone who has actually done this I tend to suspect that overall you will have a better time researching component blueprints than ship blueprints, but I do intend to test this.

Next, part 5: Copying component blueprints.


  1. How long do you think it will take the BPO contract market to make the same 10-12% jump as the NPC market. There are currently BPO on sale with roughly 30days or more research carried out selling for 50mil above npc price because they are using the old price and not the new one.

    I guess not everyone saw the npc price increase as an increase in personal NAV :)

    1. It takes 60 to 120 days to research a blueprint to a halfway decent level, so I'd say the jump will take about that long, maybe a little longer. We're at almost exactly at the 60 day mark, so I'm guessing sometime over the next two months or so.

    2. On top of the NPC price, I wonder how long it will take for some research POS to become unsustainable with the coming changes to ice mining :)

      Hopefully ride it out and some of the competitors that this series of posts brought, will shut up shop :)