Monday, December 21, 2009

All Hail Abathur

Breaking news! Abathur, most beloved of devs, has suddenly resurfaced and brought to us all things which are good.

  • Capital missiles fixed - signature radius increase for structures and capital ships
  • Naglfar fixed - double bonus on projectiles, no missile bonus
  • Titan damage fixed (but still too low)
  • SUPERCARRIERS (no, he didn't fix the name)
  • Bumping while in siege fixed
All this and much, much more, coming in Dominion 1.1!


This is very good news for me personally. Although I won't be deploying a mothership any time soon, the Naglfar boost means I don't have to train Amarr in order to have a useful dreadnought like I was planning.

I probably still will though, since Amarr carrier best carrier; but now that the minmatar have a dreanaught again it's not crucial that I spec for a third(!) race's capitals asap.

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