Thursday, December 24, 2009

Apparently, the market is going crazy

Full disclosure: This post is basically lifted from K162space, which prompted me to check the market.

I'm not generally somebody who tracks the empire markets closely, since I haven't spent any time there since mid 2008, but dominion has buggered it in ways I've never seen before.

The amount of R64 mins needed to manufacture T2 items was reduced, a lot. In addition to this, the amount of technetium needed has been increased a lot. With all the recent fighting for technetium moons (atlas get off my lawn!) they're spending a lot of time not producing, which means supply has dropped as well.

T2 prices have skyrocketed. Hulks are selling for 185 million in jita, twice their historical value. Dysprosium is down at least 75%, technetium is up more than 2000%.

[EDIT: click images for non-blurry version, this thing resizes them for some reason]

Dominion also added hidden belts in any system with the appropriate upgrades, so now everybody in a player outpost has access to bistot and arkonor. Megacyte is dropping fast and looks to be headed for historic lows. Perhaps ironically, T1 ship prices are likely to drop below their current extremely low prices. It makes me wish we didn't have all these wardecs on; there's never been a better time for hulk ganking.

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