Saturday, December 26, 2009

Y8R: Something is happening

Solar Fleet reinforced the Y8R station on Christmas. This morning we formed up at 1600 to save some towers in 9-k, got that done and titan bridged into Y8R along with many of the other NC alliances; I've seen RAGE, ME, MM, RZR, and Stella Polaris, and TCF were said to be present as well. The enemy forces are Atlas and Solar, who are now allied, plus various atlas and possibly solar pet alliances. Additionally, AAA were reported in p-e during the fight, Red Alliance apparently had 160 in 04- for a while - not sure what they're doing - and Tri was in local as well though I don't know if they're participated in the fight.

When we jumped in local hit 1160 and scrolling through the player list the numbers seemed to be pretty even. This developed into a fairly significant loss for us, with local down to 640 and probably 2/3 red.

The lag was okay for me; system loaded, grid loaded... module activation quite delayed, as expected, and lots of ghost ships. Once angain though, many people report not loading grid. Epic whine thread in CAOD has 190 posts in a few hour even though people should be used to it by now.

I'm somewhat puzzled about why we weren't in system first. Either command elected to save the 3 towers (including jb, cyno gen, tech moon) in 9-k instead of the station -- which makes sense, I guess -- or the coalition hasn't yet learned that being in system first is the only way to win and used a fail formup time. I'm also puzzled as to why we jumped into a hot grid instead of at a tower so people would have a chance to load. That I don't have an explanation for.

It looks like this is developing into a real war. Should be epic.

GF anti-NC coalition.

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