Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodfights in K25?

A fleet battle of moderate significance went down in K25 today. The political picture is fuzzy, but it looks like Solar Fleet has decided to take another shot at taking K25 and Atlas is supporting them. It could be the other way around, but I doubt it.

Killboards are fucked sideways of course and haven't even finished syncing, but it seems to have came out as a handy win for the NC. It wasn't the abject slaughter our two fleets experienced at the onset of hostilities (people on both sides mostly reported that they could lock targets and their guns worked) but we managed at least 20 capital kills and a 5:1 ratio in battleships. The forces involved were Atlas+Solar Fleet+Red Alliance (337 ships) vs Wildly Inappropriate+Razor+Majesta Empire+Morsis Mihi (350 ships), with a number of people being counted on both sides or the wrong side due to smartbombs, etc.

EDIT: Defunct killboard link removed.

Solar has a long history of poking at our space, this being the third time this year they've tried to take K25. The first attempt culminated in a battle with 500 in local (they brought a number of Stainwagon alliances), the second ended when Razor hotdropped Solar dreads just before downtime (screenshot below). Them and Atlas working together is more than a little worrisome; WI by ourselves could probably take on Solar, but the only way we can hold out against both is with heavy support from allies.

EDIT: According to the highly reliable posters of CAOD, Atlas and Solar were not working together; Solar started the fight and Atlas decided to drop in uninvited.

Summer 2009 K25 hotdrop - click to expand

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