Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Status Y8R: Why my last post was wrong least about the stations. Attacker advantage holds true for pos since they only have 1 RF cycle and aren't worth the same sort of logistics we used here.

Sometime Tuesday or Wednesday Atlas gave the order to stand down. Nobody has said exactly why, but it looks to me like NC leadership had adapted to the current lag issue and spent the last several days bridging people into the system and having them log off at safespots/pos. Really wish they had fought, but I guess that wouldn't have been good for their morale.

According to more rumor on SHC, round 2 is scheduled for after the new year. I hope it involves goodfights.

Credits to Polymer for the screenshot. Click to expand.

Yes, that is 9 titans on a stargate. Watch this space for my "NC guide to supercapitals" !

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