Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today the enemy got in system first - we formed up 3 hours early, but that's already well into russian prime - so instead we went out and reinforced a tech pos. By the time we were heading back to base the report was more than 500 red in y8r and another hundred or so heading in that direction.

I present to you: A failsafe way to take a station system.

1. Have a spy in the enemy alliance.
2. Get 300+ battleships in system.
3. Every time the enemy has a formup, log everybody in. Any force entering the system will be slaughtered, no matter how large.
4. Take the station.

In other words, the lag issue favors the attackers because they can pick a target where the enemy fleet isn't, making defence impossible. Once both sides have assets in the region of conflict (e.g., 2+ stations) the war will turn into station ping-pong with no fights.

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