Monday, December 21, 2009


The purpose of this post will be to explain the purpose of this blog, what its' contents will be, and to predict the ~future~.

For anybody who stumbles across this, the posts here pertain to the hopelessly nerdy internet spaceship game EVE Online. Just smile, nod and move on.

Item one: Clairvoyance and delusions of grandeur
This is a fail blog which will never be posted in because my eve life is so boring. Nobody will read it and it will be abandoned entirely after a few short months.

EDIT 1/2012: Jinx!

Item two: Scope
This is a personal journal. It will be about things that happen to me including successes, failures, what I'm doing and why as well as commentary on fights and current events. I will be surprised and disappointed if anybody reads it.

Item three: The past
As this is a journal, I will take this space to briefly cover everything that has happened to me previously.

Fall 2007 - I start playing eve for the first time since the open beta.
Spring 2008 - I join a dead fail corp because a friend is the acting CEO.
---> My wallet reaches 1 billion, entirely from highsec mining.
Early summer 2008 - I join a highsec corp.
Mid summer 2008 - After a few months of wardecs, corp collapses. This will be a pattern.
Late summer 2008 - I join a corporation in Hydra.
---> MAX campaign starts.
Early fall 2008 - Hydra collapses. My corp joins KIA.
---> Doomsdayed by enemy titan.
---> Doomsdayed by friendly titan.
Early winter 2008 - My corp fails at being in KIA and goes to highsec. I join WI in Branch.
---> (Fall 2009 - KIA collapses)
Early fall 2009 - I move back to geminate with WI, leaving behind the delicious bistot of 1ix.
Mid fall 2009 - My corp gets kicked from WI/folded into another corp. I join a different, non-fail corp.

EDIT 1/2012:

Early 2010: WI loses geminate to atlas. My corp joins an atlas pet and I leave.
Early 2010: I join a corp in razor.
Mid 2011: My corp dies. The NC dies. I go to empire to bittervet.

EDIT 09/06/2012:

Mid 2011: I start building capital ships and researching blueprints for profit.

To date, every corp and alliance I've been in has fail cascaded in a year or less. Currently I'm in an excellent corp in a decent alliance (lol-WI. all you want but we have competent and motivated people at all levels), so we'll see how that turns out.

EDIT 1/2012: My new record is 1 year and 4 months.

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