Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey guys, there's a war on.

When I began to think about starting this, the only threat to WI was from the "west geminate coalition", a handful of little-people alliances whose stated goal was to remove WI from geminate. Since that time two things have happened: First, the WGC has apparently fail cascaded and I haven't heard anything about them or Cry Havoc (a separate entity?) in weeks. Second, we're being invaded by Atlas, which is an actual honest-to-god threat.

The thing so far:
The conflict opened with WI fleets jumping into Atlas twice. Combined with an issue with most people who jump in failing to load grid we lost hilarious numbers of battleships for essentially no kills.

The new face of alliance warfare:
The jumping-in-is-suicide issue means there haven't been any fights so far. Defending our assets means setting up in the system with as many people as possible hours before a moon comes out of reinforced and just sitting there. The enemy don't jump in, we rep the moon and leave. Typically they form up during the op and reinforce a moon in some other system.

The score:
We've lost several (5?) technetium moons, each apparently worth 3 billion isk/month (more on this later). Atlas is making no attempt to take stations. There have been minimal ship losses on either side; our worst since the initial suicide fleets was some idiot caught ratting in a T1 fit golem during a CTA, though we've also lost one or two carriers to titan drivebys.

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