Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adventures in dying

Being a horrible little carebear nobody, it's no secret that I'm terrible at pvp. In fact, I've never pvp-d solo (at least, not on purpose). But today I got bored and decided to go get killed. This was partly because of how awesome it was when I got separated from a roam gang and killed some tacklers one time, and partly because vagas are fucking useless in gangs so I might as well get the one I had killed. So I decided to go hither and yon and see if I could die well.

(short version: no)

I started at the top of IRC space, saw no ships until down somewhere in russian space with a station-camping rokh and a neut-golem (I lost my ECM drones to the latter). Logged off for the night somewhere in southern russian space, and in the morning decided to make my way toward highsec. I eventually (after several detours to avoid cynabals camping my out gate) hit a highly populated station system somewhere in scalding pass or wicked creek. There were a bunch of people sitting on the undock - no big deal, they can't hit me anyway - so I buzzed around a little and a ceptor approached me.

This is when I learned that a vaga with 220s and a tracking enhancer can't hit a ceptor orbiting at 20 km.

I got out - he warped off or something - and headed to the out gate. Jumped through just as a tackle-heavy enemy gang was landing on the other side. Reapproach, overheat, MWD. I got back through with half shield, but some tackle - and more importantly, target jammers - jumped in and caught me on the other side.

It was fun, other than not getting any kills, and I learned some important things that I never would have otherwise -- what works, what doesn't, what to avoid. I think I'll stick with hurricanes in the future though; not being able to kill a ceptor makes vaga pretty useless.


  1. I'm a little confused - Vagas are absolute Inty murderers. I'm not a vaga pilot myself, but I have died to them my share of times to know they generally pwn intys. If you couldn't hit him @20km either (1) he had you tracking disrupted, or (2) you needed to kite him. You want to pulse your MWD away from him, which forces his orbit into an ellipse as his auto-orbit tries to close, dropping his transversal. Add velocity and transversal to your overview for more info and practice this a bit, Vaga should be able to kill intys easily.

  2. It might just be because I'm terrible... I'll have to test this a bit. Thanks for the tips.