Sunday, August 8, 2010

Concurrent campaigns

As you may have heard, the NC is running a campaign against IRC again. We've done this any number of times when nothing else needs our attention, killing them until they stop undocking and taking out CSAA, that sort of thing. Apparently the story is that if they stop fighting back we'll take their space this time, or something.

Razor haven't given their members permission to come up north, which seems stupid since the curse campaign is a yawnfest and the IRC campaign is staging out of our home region. I've moved up there anyway, leaving one character in doril and moving the other with some CR BS to the northern staging system; a number of others in my corp have done the same.

Apparently there have been some good fights in the last two days, which of course I missed. I finally got in on a smaller fleet today, 50 CRBS and logi, and we headed to vy- where the enemy were sitting on pos shields with about even numbers of battleships and eventually 11 carriers. They wouldn't engage, but I did get on a couple kills before they got inside the pos.

Land first, get shot at

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