Thursday, August 19, 2010

Titan or supercarrier?

I have four days to make a decision about the next ship class I'm going to get into. This comes down to supercarrier or titan.

Titans kick vigorous ass and I want one, but supercarriers right now are so overpowered it's silly. Since dominion they have become the only thing worth flying, with EHP comparable to titans, the same or more dps and at 4/15ths the price they are so dirt cheap that sov-less alliances like tri mk 7 and white noise are fielding upward of 30 of the things -- enough to melt a titan in minutes.

Supercarriers do have disadvantages: They do less damage to small targets (ragnarok can volley most subcaps if their angular velocity is 0) and I suspect that their reliance on drones could be a major weakness since fighter bombers can be killed by bombs (maybe) or smartbombs.

In short, titans are awesome but with the number of supercarriers around these days flying one in a real fight is asking to die. Supercarriers are cheap and powerful, but less awesome and hopefully heading for a serious nerf. Of further consideration are that tri mk7 is in pure blind with a supercarrier blob so it would be good to get in a supercarrier quickly, and that if I go for a supercarrier first I won't have to sell my capital blueprints.

Tough choice. Reaching the epeen endgame would be awesome, but I don't want to lose a titan right after I get it, which means not flying it in combat until supercarriers get nerfed. Supercarriers, on the other hand, are replaceable and are needed now to deal with tri. Since I can use it now I would probably jump at a hel if one was being sold for a reasonable price, but the odds of this are relatively low; and with my alliance building nyx for 4-6 billion less than market price I probably wouldn't get one from the market. But the alliance would take almost as long to build a supercarrier as a titan....

Training: 90 days
Time to acquire: 6 months
Price: 62 billion
EHP: 34 million (lol, boost pls)
DPS: 9125

Training: 50 days
Time to acquire: Whenever somebody sells one (market) or 5 months (from alliance)
Price: 23 billion (market) or 18 billion (alliance)
EHP: 33 million
DPS: 11500

Training: 3 days
Time to acquire: When somebody sells one (market) or 5 months (from alliance)
Price: 19 billion (market) or 18 billion (alliance)
EHP: 30 million
DPS: 9200

(prices include fittings)


  1. I'm assuming you have an alt to sit in it though? Otherwise once you got it, you're pretty much stuck flying it. That's the number one reason why as cool as they are, I'll probably never get one even when I'm skilled up enough. Keep hoping that when the day comes where I am skilled enough...we'll be able to store it somewhere! :)

  2. I'm training a holding alt on a second account right now. Depending on what I end up doing my main might be stuck in the ship for a few months, but I have a second combat character.