Monday, August 23, 2010

D2 station save and discussion about Tri

In reverse order.

'Triumverate' is basically the DOOM corporation and whoever they bring with them to attack the NC. This happens around every 6 months; they get a bunch of people together and attack us, make some progress taking moons or stations, maybe gank a few supers, and then we call a coalition CTA and burn down everything they own. Then most of their allies leave and DOOM moves to the other side of the galaxy until it's time to 'Tri' again.

This has been going on for as long as I've been in 0.0. I don't know what we did to piss them off, though I think the NC might have been blue or NAPd with the original tri at some point. It was before my time; I first fought tri mk3 in Vale during Max 1.

Although they aren't always named Triumverate, and although the alliance hasn't properly disbanded since around mk3, some people have continued to iterate the number each time they attack. By this standard the current iteration is apparently mk 7. DOOM and co have formed an alliance named 'Northern Coalition.' (which is interesting from a propaganda/luls perspective for both sides but I'll be calling them Tri to avoid confusion) and are attacking us yet again.

Tri are staging out of X-7 and making trouble in Pure Blind. I hadn't been involved in the area until now but over the past approximately two months I have seen pos rep fleets, heard about jump bridges being incapped and fights in the western staging system. Tri's forces this time around are supercarrier heavy, pulling 20 to 30 in fleets - enough to ruin somebody's day. They are also likely coordinating with other hostile forces in the area including ev0ke, cry havoc, red overlord and dead terrorists.

Around Wednesday of last week the D2 station belonging to FCON was reinforced. The first reinforce timer ended on Friday and we formed up to save it, but due to coordination problems the enemy got in system first and we stood down, not wanting to y-2 ourselves.

Today the armor reinforced timer ended. Fleets started forming up around 4 hours early and I got in a guardian and headed down with a small reinforcement fleet of about 100. We skirmished briefly with red sniper hacs, then met up with another 300 NC consisting of MH, goons, WI and TEST. The reds disengaged at this point.

A capital fleet formed in tribute, and I docked and jump cloned back. Initially we were calling for supers > dreads > carriers but eventually there were enough blues in D2 to make a fight impossible and we switched to rep carriers > else. With 800 in D2 local we reinforced enemy towers, killed SBU and repped the station. I picked up my guardian to take back to tribute.

Pos bashing with 800 in local

Station repping with effects on looks awesome

I'm pretty thrilled with the participation we got on this op. The NC's detractors like to say that the smaller and more outlying alliances are just being used as meat shields, but the way we come through for our allies speaks for itself.


  1. I made it to that CTA for a couple hours. Saw local peak at 820 and shot at the SBU when it became vulnerable before I had to log. :)

  2. 820 in local and the node didn't crash?

  3. The node was fine. Reinforced, of course. I think dreads were manually cycling guns, but my reps were cycling well when we were working on the station judging by how many mods I had to replace with cap recharge.

    The last two times I saw a node crash we were fighting with 1000 in systems in one case, and not-really-fighting with 1600 in the other. It seems to me that lag really has gotten better since December or January when it was horribad; it's not fixed, or even back to apocrypha levels, but yesterday we managed to jump 400 through a gate over about 2 minutes without too much trouble, and jump 125 into 700 (non combat) with no reports of blackscreening.

  4. "The NC's detractors like to say that the smaller and more outlying alliances are just being used as meat shields, but the way we come through for our allies speaks for itself."

    This is why I am happy to be in the NC!

  5. Indeed. Even a n00b industrialist like myself (VVA) agrees. Looks like Doom still has some Spacemonkey territory though (KDV-DE).