Friday, August 20, 2010

I gets a guardian

Went out with a small armor hac/BC gang today, flying a guardian for the first time. For somebody who has flown an ishtar and remote-ECCM armorhac it's just a combination of the tactics used for both.

The guardian setup has 4 large reppers and 2 large energy transfers; guardians join a logistics channel, add the two people below them to the watch list and put one cap transfer on each. Due to the tenuous laws of thermodynamics in eve this results in all the guardians being very cap stable with all their reppers running. This would fall apart quickly if the guardians get jammed though, so armor hacs all fit at least one remote ECCM module and have a guardian on watch list to use it on.

Generic guardian fit

Two things I have learned recently are that since logi and armorhax have a fairly strong sig radius tank they can use X-instinct boosters to reduce incoming damage. Not by a lot, but considering how often people get pulled back from low structure everybody in an armorhac gang should be carrying them. The second thing is that to whore kills in a logistics ship you can launch a single light drone and assist it to somebody, preferably a zealot. It engages anything they fire at, which gets you kills without having to lock targets or have target broadcasts on overview.

Reps, cap chain and lazors make pretty

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