Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ship names

People have been posting about ship names. Having established a naming convention earlier this year in order to keep track of my hangar, I thought I would chip in.

It goes like this: range/ability/insurance. E.g. S/R/N. Not as exciting as other themes, but more useful.

L -- sniper fit
M -- medium range, such as a cane with 650s or a tempest with 1200s and tracking speed scripts
S -- close range

R -- armor remote repair
S -- shield remote repair
HT -- heavy tackle, a generic vagabond fit
B -- buffer, a vagabond fit for gangs in which it will not be tackling

N -- not insured
B -- basic insurance, used for non-combat capital movement
I -- fully insured

Non-combat ships and ships for which I have only one fitting do not need to follow this convention. They may be named descriptively, or for amusement; sometimes I use the name to insult the enemy after the ship is dead -- think of a sentence ending in the word 'wreck' and name your ship the first part.

My hangar from march, mostly following the naming theme

A wrecking insult!

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  1. Never really tried using a standard naming convention, now that I am getting more into blaster and rail setups I might adopt something akin to what you have going as a standard.