Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gettin' hotdropped

So the other day Dead Terrorists reinforced a razor technedium pos in black rise. We scheduled a repping op, me hastily refitting my PVE carrier for shield rep, and headed out. The enemy were in system with about 30; we had intel that ev0ke and cry havoc were not forming up so we jumped in carriers and started repping. Shortly the hostiles warped to zero-ish on us and jumped in four supercarriers from DOOM, who we had not had intel on.

At first I was like :D

But then I was like :O

Anyway, we lost two carriers who didn't make it back into the shield, as well as the pos.

EDIT: Check out the video link in the comments for a more detailed view of the battle. Good stuff.


  1. Yes it was great fun. Some epic bumping , sadly one of the carriers managed to get back in shield in structure. Left me very frustrated.