Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random skirmish

Headed out today to MO- in cobalt edge, where we had taken the station a while back and the hostiles are now trying to take it back. The enemy had about 100 in system including 12 supercarriers.

We jumped initially about 105 CR battleships in while the enemy were on the gate at snipe range with mobile warp disruptors around the gate. We MWDd out of bubbles as they warped supercarriers to the gate, then warped out.

We warped back to the enemy fleet and got bombed immediately. Most of us got out, some in structure. The battle lasted about an hour as we repeatedly warped in on the enemy subcapital fleet, catching a few ships each time until they weren't a factor. At the end we almost went for the supers, but they jumped out. Oh well.

It's a screenshot


  1. Hey speaking of Russians:

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