Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Screenshot Wednesday: Killing MACTEP

When I was in geminate with WI we had a number of goodfights against the russians. Although frequently more hostiles would show up than just them and it would turn into a lagfest, on a few occasions it was just WI and one or two drone lands alliances and it was good times.

This battle took place about a month before I started this blog. The russians dropped 20 carriers and some support on one of our jump bridges and started shooting it. By the time I got into system their support had been driven off and we were trying to take down the RR carriers with MR battleships (note my fit in the screenshot -- two plates means I'm using 1200s).

20 carriers deal some significant damage and we were losing dictors and battleships quickly, but still managing to break their spider tank. People reshipped and got right back in the fight, some losing two or more ships, but we got nearly all the carriers in the end. Per FC instructions I came in via the jump bridge, that being the shortest route, and got primaried by the enemy carriers while trying to burn toward our BS/logistics blob. I died, got another ship, came through the jump bridge and got primaried again. This time I burned toward the POS shield and got in with half armor. Safe, I set keep at range on the pos shield and started shooting.

I like to claim personal responsibility for killing mactep (some sort of high muckity muck in the drone lands coalition) in this fight because I prevented him from escaping: Their carriers were between the tower and our BS blob, and he was burning toward the tower and out of the bubbles. As the only person sitting on the pos shield I got point, forcing him to turn around. The screenshot was taken shortly after this, and you can see his archon just below the watch list heading in a different direction.

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