Saturday, May 8, 2010

The blog pack: Some statistics

I was curious, so I went through CK's blog pack to grab some numbers (the evebloggers pack being far too large to attempt this). Naturally they're not 100% accurate, but it's not like anybody will repeat the process to prove me wrong.

Types of blog:
15 are general stuff with no real focus
13 are about 0.0
12 are about piracy and lowsec
6 are about highsec (including ninjas)
4 are about wormholes

Other stuff:
12 are in-character or fanfic

13 apologise on the front page for not posting enough
4 have a most recent post which says the author is going afk or quitting

1 averaged more than one post per day over the last month
6 is the median number of posts per month
3 had 0 posts in the last month

EDIT 1/2012: This post used to have the 'nobody cares' label, hence the comments~


  1. "Label: nobody cares"

    I care! I love stats. Who was the 1 that averaged more than one post per day over the last month? I know I come close but I'm curious who is more prolific.

  2. The label is usually for stuff about me :)

    The high post count is the first one in the list, -- 35 posts in april.

  3. I like stuff like this as well, nice and thanks for the work it took to do this