Monday, May 24, 2010

IT vs NC: In which there is slight lag

There was a fight in o-y today. The hostiles titan bridged to a snipe spot just as we jumped in via gate. The lag started bad at around 3-5 minutes for modules and got worse, 20+ after we dropped our trademark titan blob and local hit 460.

After maybe five hours local started dropping and eventually we got to go home.

An exciting fleet fight

Aftermath: 1200 km of wrecks

Killboard.This will probably take a day to sync fully. I suspect we'll come out ahead; the FC reports that the enemy kept bringing in more ships thinking they were going to get titan kills and they blackscreened all to hell. We kept bringing in people too but, well, titans. People who came in after the fight started were supposedly taking 45 minutes to load.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Related kills is giving wildly varying results for related kills, from 66b killed for 44 lost (with most losses showing on both sides) to 40 killed and 5 lost (clearly missing most of our losses). The current link (48 for 22) is the best I've found, with losses on the correct side, and it sounds about right; titans make a huge difference against battleships and one of ours got 94 killmails from this battle.

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