Sunday, May 2, 2010

In which pos repping is not boring

I went out with a pos repping carrier fleet today to somewhere in Pure Blind. We repped one tower uneventfully and started on another when an enemy subcapital fleet entered the system and we had to warp back to the pos which had been repped. We had a small medium-hull blue fleet in system and hostiles were in long-range battleships.

Command pinged jabber for numbers and goons formed up as well. Shortly thereafter we aligned back to the pos and warped, but were too late to save it.

As we landed we lit cyno, goon carriers jumped in and various friendly subcapital fleets entered the field. The hostile fleet initially bubbled the carriers but warped off after a few minutes. Later our FC had us align to a stargate and warp at zero. We landed on the enemy subcapital fleet, who had aggression, and the ones we couldn't lock down scattered.

The op also produced this frankly hilarious (if true, naturally, but you can't make this shit up) teamspeak snippet. NSFW of course.

Killing on the stargate

EDIT: You might note my hilariously terrible carrier fit here. I forgot to bring a combat fit :fail:

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