Monday, May 10, 2010

IT vs NC: H-W capital welp

After we regained control of h-w not a huge amount went on for a while. We got people undocked, who mostly logged off for the night. We reinforced a number of hostile staging pos, repaired the station services and some pos modules and got a cyno jammer and jump bridge online.

Around 1300 a fight developed on a stargate where it looks like the hostiles jumped reinforcements in to system. We warped capitals to the gate where an extremely laggy fight was in progress, but held back on supercapitals; the enemy warped capitals and supercapitals on us. Local rapidly climbed from 600 to a peak of over 1200; modules were essentially completely inoperative, though drones worked. With 4 titans and reportedly 10 supercarriers on the field I expect the fight to be an isk-disproportionate loss for us; I'll try and get a killboard link up when they eventually sync.

Brackets AND effects!

Killboard link 24 capitals killed for 44 lost

I eventually got out in low armor and the survivors safed up as reds took control of the system. There are more blues in system than yesterday, and I expect subcapital engagements throughout the day and more repping shit tonight.

On an awesome note, I was scanning in my cloaky alt before the fight started and came across an ibis with a newbie pilot (a real newbie, not a scout). We had a nice chat and he said he had picked the big red blob on the map and flown up here. While we were fighting on the gate he actually warped in, loaded grid, got shot at and escaped intact. Win!

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