Monday, May 17, 2010

IT vs NC: Atlas retreats, IT titan down

So I go to sleep for 6 hours and suddenly everything changes.

Least importantly, the second jump bridge system which was threatened yesterday has been cleared of SBU.

Atlas is going home. Their renters are under attack by Cursed alliance, which I forgot to mention in my last update. Atlas apparent is highly dependent on renters, having few high-end moons despite the vast amount of space they inhabit, and Goons are also moving to assist Cursed. Atlas pets GC and CoW have reportedly had minimal participation in the north for several weeks, so I expect to see them leaving the front entirely soon as well.

IT lost a titan this morning. It's one that had escaped from H-W by resetting a pos password (when they still had towers in the system), which bumped it outside the bubbles surrounding the tower and allowed it to jump out. Apparently it was caught as it was moving back to Delve.

At this point we could just call the war over. I'm going to hold off on that because there hasn't been an official announcement yet, but I don't see how the enemy could accomplish anything at this point. What happens now remains to be seen.

EDIT: I've gone ahead and changed the label for this war from 'great northern war mk 2' to 'max 2'. I was really expecting us to lose when I made that.


  1. Careful, RA is now planning to invade Branch and Venal, if they haven't started already. Things don't look over quite yet.


  3. So RA, IRC and WN hitting branch, venal and tenal. Interesting, and thanks for the link -- very informative.

    My observation over recent weeks is that our current attackers tend to fall into two groups, one being the main SC blob (IT, AAA, ROL, init) which has failed to accomplish anything and is now weaker than ever since atlas and their pets have left, while the rest (CH+ev0ke, bricks, U'K, WN) operate independently and are thus somewhat ineffectual. If RA+IRC+WN are attacking branch/venal/tenal they most likely won't be in fleets with the main blob, and so seem more like a campaign of distraction than a real threat. This is something PL has pulled off, but the northern regions are a lot closer to trib-core than Delve is to x-7 and my (admittedly limited) experience with these three entities doesn't leave me to be especially worried; I would tend to rate them as C-team material, renters and pets, even though RA was an elite pvp alliance years ago.

    There's probably a worst case scenario that ends badly for us, but so far I can't see what it would be. Guess we'll find out.

  4. RA hate Atlas and ROL as well, they have been skirmishing frequently even during the SC fail against the NC. Unlikely to see them teaming up on anything. Definitely not renters or pets of the SC, but no idea how effective they are anymore.

  5. I'm sure you've seen this link before:

    I took the liberty of adding a few groups on each side that I know have either been helping the NC or causing them grief, and Im' sure there are more. But even if you take out Atlas & Co, the NC still has a crapton of invaders to deal with.

    CRUSADING BASTARDS (because they need something to tie them together else they fall apart)
    5519 IT Alliance
    1340 Red.Overlord
    3120 ATLAS Alliance
    1377 The Initiative.
    1259 Cult of War
    766 Cry Havoc.
    1292 Black Star Alliance
    899 Ev0ke
    835 Initiative Associates
    1138 Initiative Mercenaries
    1086 Aeternus.
    935 Blade.
    368 Talos Coalition
    1446 Gentlemen's Club
    292 T o r m e n t u m
    685 Dead Terrorists
    616 Legiunea ROmana
    106 Burning Ambition
    433 HUN Reloaded
    563 Quarantine Zone
    206 Dirt Nap Squad.
    553 Ewoks
    2106 Against ALL Authorities
    2393 AAA Citizens
    858 White Noise.
    534 Circle-Of-Two
    1271 Ushra'Khan
    719 BricK sQuAD.
    TOTAL 32715

    3111 Morsus Mihi
    1899 RAZOR Alliance
    869 Mostly Harmless
    1348 Tau Ceti Federation
    1762 Wildly Inappropriate.
    1351 R.A.G.E
    1733 Majesta Empire
    749 Vanguard.
    730 Stella Polaris.
    772 DEFI4NT
    289 Zenith Affinity
    1860 United Front Alliance
    367 Get Off My Lawn
    1389 Looney Toons.
    1001 OWN Alliance
    1004 On the Rocks
    535 Black Core Alliance
    787 Tactical Narcotics Team
    4 THE FEW.
    435 F A I L
    353 SpaceMonkey's Alliance
    286 War and Pestilence
    325 The G0dfathers
    476 Sev3rance
    987 Rebellion Alliance
    772 Fidelas Constans
    397 Veneratio Venator Alliance
    TOTAL 33579

    1592 Red Alliance
    3385 Shadow of xXDEATHXx
    1793 Intrepid Crossing
    751 Legion of xXDEATHXx
    2098 Solar Wing
    998 Solar Fleet
    421 Voodoo Technologies
    587 Flame Bridge
    TOTAL 11625