Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IT vs NC: Saving BFFs from evil clowns

Later this evening they pinged jabber for supercarriers > caps and we went north to kill enemy TCU which were coming online. The situation with the stella polaris stations is that the sov dropped (they say the automatic bill payment failed to work) and White Noise flipped three out of four stations to their control and dropped TCU. The TCU take some time to come online, and once they do it would force us to go through all the stations' reinforced cycles to get them back. We needed to make the enemy TCU die and Stella Polaris' ones live in order to prevent a serious setback there.

We jumped into the destination system with 12 minutes left on the TCU anchoring. Blue subcapitals were on field and ten hostile supercarriers were hugging the shields of their pos. We put damage on the TCU and they put fighter bombers on us, which we smartbombed away. The TCU went down with less than 9 minutes left out of its' 8 hour timer.

The rest of the evening was spent killing the other TCU and flipping all the stations back to Stella Polaris ownership. At the time of writing I'm heading back to tribute, but a number of carriers and supercarriers are staying in Branch until the last Stella Polaris TCU come online about two hours from now.

Perseus has an account of the fight from the perspective of SC subcaps, which is pretty neat.


  1. 8 hour timer on TCUs. Was reduced sometime in late January/February 2010 down to 8 hours, but originally was a 12 hour online.

    - mjed mazga (ME pilots know a thing or two about TCU online times, hrhr)