Monday, May 17, 2010

IT vs NC: General update

With the H-W campaign winding down we're back to structure warfare, capitalizing on high participation to start to undo the progress the enemy had made in the western regions. As well as saving the EC- and FIO stations we repped a number of pos coming out of reinforced and sieged a large number of enemy high-ends; our timer tool was showing more than 30 reinforced towers at its peak. Many of the towers were saved, but since h-w we've killed (and presumably replaced) 17 large towers, and another 7 are currently reinforced.

Reinforced towers as of a day or two ago

An interesting situation has developed over the last few days with regard to H-W however. According to intel the enemy still have 7 titans and 20 something else (supercarriers or mixed capitals depending on which rumor you listen to) logged off at their dead staging towers. This is a problem for the enemy because titans are a big deal; active titan pilots are a rare commodity, and seven of them would make a huge difference in any capital fight. They can't be abandoned, so the enemy has to get them out of h-w somehow.

Over the last day or so they have been trying to draw our fleet out of h-w by attacking jump bridge systems. At the present time one jump bridge system has enemy SBU anchored and one other has been cleared of SBU. Although the operations in the western regions and saving the one jump bridge system have been accomplished without abandoning the H-W camp, the hostiles have been pulling fleets of about 500. These sort of numbers may be tricky to take on while still maintaining adequate cover in h-w, though we'll see how it goes.

The strategic situation has also continued to evolve. The NC has been joined by a former Providence alliance, who are now running a campaign against Ev0ke, while Ushra'Khan and brick squad have joined the attacking forces and IRC are apparently going to attack Tenal on the 20th. Down in IT space things have heated up as well, with Pandemic Legion and their panda-themed allies being joined by a new alliance formed from an eve community known as dreddit.

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