Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well that was fun

I was plexing in tenal today when the call went out for supers > caps > BS. Logged into my dreadnaught in h-w and found them calling for 17k fuel, meaning the target was in our figurative backyard. Numbers were low, but fleets were forming at other staging points and FCs sounded excited. We were in a hurry, jumping bridge titans, support and dreadnaughts to the same cyno - risky because a good bump could leave us without a support fleet until the titan could be repositioned. We got lucky though and nobody so much as touched the bridge titan. FCs were pushing for more hictors and dictors.

We jumped in to x-70 where an enemy nyx was outside pos shields. We got an epic (~100 km) bump on it, went siege green, doomsdayed and tried bubble, neut and bump but it escaped. We sieged the pos while friendly supercaps jumped out but one of the titans wasn't capped and was left behind. It got tackled and the enemy started logging people in.

Bumped nyx in armor

Shooting dictors with a dread

For about two hours things were a mess trying to get dictors off the titan while we brought in reinforcements from staging systems. The enemy had a small number of capitals and even a few supers on the field but we took the caps down in short order. Eventually we got enough titans on grid to drive the enemy support off, at which point the fight was pretty well over. I had a little excitement near the end when a bunch of enemy support had me tackled far off the friendly capital blob (I had stayed mostly in the place where we cynoed) and got me down to 70% shield before they were driven off.



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