Saturday, May 1, 2010

IT vs NC: The first month

After the first month of war we've reached a convenient summarizing point, so I'll give my impressions about what's happened so far.

Subcapitals: There has been a huge amount of fighting, and all sides have lost vast numbers of ships without actually accomplishing very much. Everybody's killboard shows their own side winning, so I'm going to call it about even.

Capitals: We're doing very well here, with 200-230 capital kills and 50-60 losses. 200 is a lot of caps, but IT alone is said to have brought upward of a thousand; it ain't over yet.

Supercapitals: Zero losses, 4 kills: ROL titan, 2 motherships (init and CO2 I believe) and an IT mothership and CSAA killed by PL this afternoon. Such small numbers of supercapital kills won't make an appreciable difference in a fight, but are interesting from a morale perspective.

Sovereignty: The 3 stations in Cloud Ring have been retaken by Ev0ke. Goons are saying that they left to go live with TCF (recall that TCF and goons were two of the three RedSwarm Federation members back in the day), which you can choose to believe or not. I can confirm that goons are active with both capitals and subcaps in Pure Blind.

Moons: Over the course of the last month we slowly lost around 30 high-end moons. Then over the last two days, with IT mostly busy elsewhere, we've killed 19 large towers and another 13ish are currently reinforced, which should account for all the high-ends. IT seem to be back though - we had to skip the last tower we were sieging today in x-7 because they formed up a larger cap fleet - so I'm hoping for a fight when the towers come out of reinforced tomorrow.

Forecast: The enemy are apparently going to try to increase interalliance cooperation and form actual coalition fleets. Assuming their go-getting attitude hasn't been blunted over the last month and PL stops being a significant distraction in Delve, this should make them more effective during part 2. So far we're doing much better than I or anybody else had expected, but it's not over yet.

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