Monday, May 10, 2010

IT vs NC: Atlas titan down in H-W

Logged in today after work and h-w local was 870. The station had been rebubbled of course, pos reinforced, services disabled and so forth. Local was pretty red and I spun at a deep safe for a couple hours while we moved into US time. The reinforcement timer on the station is for just after 2200 tomorrow - still euro time, and earlier than I'd like. Not sure if managers can change the end of the second reinforcement timer while the first is still in progress but it ought to be about 5 hours later....

Anyway, we started taking down bubbles at around 2300 with the system still fairly red. We got some more blues in, logged in supercaps and had system control by 0030. We sieged stuff, repped stuff....

Clearing the station again

And then we got a leviathan tackled outside an enemy tower.

The pilot logged off in half shield, actually got back inside the pos but apparently his speed was set to 100% for the duration of the 15 minute logoffski timer and he actually drifted through the pos and out the other side, where he died.

I crashed before he got inside the shield and couldn't relog, but I got on the killmail anyway. First titan kill for me.

Titan under attack by NC hull miners (with credit to Beachura)


  1. O-M-F-G WHY DID HE LOG OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just stupidity!

  2. It is. He would have been dead long before the logoff timer was over if he hadn't made it inside the shields so there was no point logging out, and it got him killed because he couldn't control the titan when it got back inside the shields.

    On the other hand, judging by the fitting the pilot wasn't the brightest guy around.