Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IT vs NC: General update

In the last few days the SC has purportedly formed into a single, large front and have been attacking tribute directly in m-o and e-o, even dropping sovereignty blockades. This has resulted in several large fights when we killed the SBU, although no enemy capitals have been deployed.

Today they hit e-o again and dropped SBU. I formed up with a reinforcement fleet of about 170 a while after the fighting started and we bridged into system and warped to a grid with abundant reds and a second blue fleet. Local was a little over 600 and we stayed on grid for maybe ten or fifteen minutes before the reds warped off and left system; then we cleared the SBU and headed home. It was just another subcap fight so I didn't get any screenshots worth posting.


In other war news, according to forums the NC lost a CSAA. Not sure what was in it. Also, Stella Polaris lost all their sov to not paying bills or something. White Noise grabbed either 1 or 3 of their 4 stations, so taking that back while simultaneously fighting in tribute and playing with pos in pure blind will make our job a bit more difficult for the near future.

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