Monday, May 3, 2010

More carrier combat

Today I got to play pee-vee-pee with a pos repping carrier again. We went down to Pure Blind to rep some stuff and hostiles showed in slightly larger numbers. They were sniper fit and our battleships were close range, with fighters assigned for bonus damage.

We repped one pos without incident, hostiles entered system and we sat on the shields of the other with fighters assigned while waiting for it to exit reinforced, with our subcapitals in the safe pos. When the hostile fleet came on grid we would rep each other and pos guns while the subcaps warped to the enemy fleet at zero. Unfortunately we apparently forgot to bring dictors and weren't able to catch very many.

Blues landing on enemy snipers

The tower came out of reinforced and our subcap fleet stopped warping in for whatever reason. Hostiles primaried the tower and we put shield reps on it, racing damage vs reps.

Racing against damage to rep the tower

Using carrier reconfiguration mode to hotswap mods

After a few minutes they weren't making a lot of progress so they switched to close range ammo, warped on us at ten and tried to kill carriers and bump us inside the shields. I was swapping modules like mad, hardeners for flux coils and adding reppers. They had a thanatos into structure before we got enough reps on it; I was running all four that I brought with me.

Defensive burst!

EDIT: And when that didn't work they left and the pos was repped without further incident. Forgot to mention that part.


  1. You used another carriers ship maint array to do the hotswapping, correct?

  2. Yeah. You need to be within 5 km of a carrier which has been configured to allow fleet member access to the maintenance array; then you can just drag and drop to/from your own cargo or corp hangars.

  3. thats sick, wtf whys a carrier scrambling? lol shudnt that be cap or invuln or something lol

  4. Not really. Combat carriers typically fit a scram and aren't cap stable, especially armor tanks. That fit is actually cap stable with 2 reppers running; I wouldn't have been using 4 except the thanatos was in structure.

    The guy I was scramming there died by the way :)

  5. ah well i get ya, im not a cap pilot.... yet :D